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    Tom and Jody Cardamone, Georgia Herrick-Hanson and the late Walt Smith
    Aspen, CO. Four community members who have had a positive and lasting impact on Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley have been chosen as 2023 inductees into the Aspen Hall of Fame (AHOF). Tom and Jody Cardamone, Georgia Herrick-Hanson and the late Walt Smith will be officially inducted and honored at the annual Aspen Hall of Fame banquet on April 15, 2023 at the Hotel Jerome.  

    “This year’s inductees have educated us, entertained us, and charmed us over the years and they exemplify what the Aspen Hall of Fame is all about,” agreed AHOF Co-Presidents Madeleine Osberger and Kim DeCarlo. “The community has benefited from their passion for the local environment, for embracing and promoting its rich mining, ranching and skiing history, and for entertaining us through the decades.”


    The Aspen Hall of Fame was established in 1986–87 to recognize and honor those individuals who have had a significant and lasting impact on the Aspen/Snowmass communities—economically, physically, spiritually, ethically or intellectually. Nominees must have demonstrated inspirational leadership and have made major contributions to cultural, sports, and/or civic activities.


    The Nomination Form outlines the qualifications for this honor, and the guidelines are carefully followed when considering a nominee for induction.

    Honorees are chosen by members of the Board of Directors. Following the selection process, the inductees are notified of their selection, and the community at large is informed through local media.

    Members of the Board of Directors serve a four-year term, with the option to renew for a second four years. Because of this relatively lively turnover, many individuals from the Aspen/Snowmass community have served as volunteers on the Aspen Hall of Fame board over the years.

    The Aspen Hall of Fame Banquet date will be held Saturday, April 15, 2023 at the Hotel Jerome. The evening begins with a cash bar,  followed by dinner, a video presentation describing the life and contributions to the community of each new inductee, and presentation of an award.

    Everyone is welcome to the banquet, but seating is limited. For further information and to make a request to be added to the mailing list, call the contact telephone number at the bottom of the page or, for email, navigate to "Contact" and complete the form to get your questions answered.


    The Aspen Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization, dependent upon donations for its continued existence. Donations keep the annual banquet affordable for all who wish to attend and support the making of the documentary videos. Videos of the life history of each inductee are prepared and presented at the banquet, becoming a living narrative on the rich history of our area as told through their lives, their families, and colleagues. The videos are available on this website and at the Aspen Historical Society Archives.