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Mission Statement

The Aspen Hall of Fame was established in 1986–87 to recognize and honor those individuals who have had a significant and lasting impact on the Aspen/Snowmass communities—economically, physically, spiritually, ethically or intellectually. Nominees must have demonstrated inspirational leadership and have made major contributions to cultural, sports, and/or civic activities.

A nominee must have had a significant and lasting impact on the Aspen/Snowmass communities economically, physically, spiritually, ethically or intellectually, have demonstrated inspirational leadership, or have made major contributions in the cultural, sporting and/or civic arenas. Please do not nominate family members or solicit Board members.


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The Aspen Hall of Fame solicits nominations year-round from the community. The the 2023  induction ceremony, nominations will be accepted until August 31, 2022.  All new nominations will be considered for the following cycle, with a late September nomination deadline.  The Nomination Form outlines the qualifications for this honor, and the guidelines are carefully followed when considering a nominee for induction. Individuals on our mailing list will receive nomination forms in the mail. Nomination forms are available here on the website (link at the top of the page) at any time.

The Board of Directors chooses the honorees in late September. Following the selection process, the inductees are notified of their selection, and the community at large is informed through local media.

If you would like to have your name added to our mailing list, please enter your name on the contact page on this site or send your name, mailing address and email address to Future mailings will be sent to you at that address, or you may continue to glean information from this website.