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May 2023 to Present:

Platinum Leaf Donors $10,000 & Above

Alpine Bank

John and Jacolyn Bucksbaum in Honor of Kay and Matthew Bucksbaum

John McBride, Aspen Business Center Foundation

Carrie and Joseph Wells

Gold Leaf Donors $3,000-$9,999

Catherine Bergman 

City of Aspen

 Charles Hopton

Silver Leaf Donors $1,000-$2,999

Carolyn Bucksbaum

Barbara and Peter Guy

Ruth Owens Hanrahan

Laura and Mike Kaplan

Louis and Harold Price Foundation

Rotary Club of Aspen

The Thrift Shop of Aspen

Bronze Leaf Donors $500-$999

Aspen One

Skip Behrhorst and Donna Fisher

Robert and Jacqueline Hutton

Beth and Ken Karmin

Tom and Carol Kurt

Patsy Malone

Brenna Beck Mitchell

Tom and Carolyn Moore

Brooke and Carol Peterson

Nasser Sadeghi & Patricia Ann Hill

Joe Zanin and Zanin Family Foundation

Leonard and Cherie Oates

Friends $250-$499

Aspen Elks Lodge #224

Rebecca Ayres

Donald Fleisher and Gina Berko

Molly and Julian Gregory

David and Ruth Hoff

John Keleher

Katherine McMillan

Barry and Peggy Mink

Frank Peters and Marjory Musgrave

Tony Vagneur

Steven and Barbara Bakios Wickes

Supporters up to $249

Nathaniel (Buddy) and Cornelia Bates

Pat Bingham and Greg Fitzpatrick

Maureen Callahan

Pat Callahan

Susan Capiel

Ruth Carver

Thomas Cooper

Charles and Angela Cunniffe

Jeannette Darnauer and Robert Merritt

Kim DeCarlo

Marc Demmon

Andrew and Jeanne Doremus

David and Jocelyn Durrance

Christine and Nathan Garfield

Sara Garton

Wolf and Nancy Gensch

John and Jessica Gordon

Reid and Rachel Hansen

Phoebe Ryerson Harrison

Sue Helm

Ann V. Hodges

Gideon Kaufman

Christopher and Brandy Keleher

Robert Leatherman and Kathryn Pitner

Georgina Rumsey Levey

Amory and Judith Hill Lovins

George and Sandra Ochs

Jane Pargiter and Bruce Gordon

Greg and Maureen Poschman

Rachael E. Richards

Heather and Ned Ryerson

Sandra Smith

Stephen and Sandra Stay

William Stirling

David and Geni King Swersky

Bob and Ruth Wade

Becky and Craig Ward

Deborah and Christopher Wheatley

Thank You!

A special thank you to our in-kind partner, the Aspen Historical Society who archives our biographical videos and provides photographs for our many projects.

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